Music & Lyrics: Bobby Shiflett
Performed by: Brandon Allison: Drums | Steve Casteel: Guitar | James Mitchell: Bass | Kenneth Robinson (K.D.): Vox | Bobby Shiflett: Guitar, Vox

Oooo, You take me to the darkest places.
I used to be afraid,
but it’s alright

Raise your glass for a friend
Drink it fast, we can pretend
It’s alright

Oooo, You lead me by the poisoned water
Build a house upon the shore, Ignore the rapping at the door

Raise your glass, drink it fast
Enjoy it now, it does not last
But it’s alright

Oooo, You gave me something
And I’m really full of thanks, but I must get to the bank
And it’s alright

Raise your glass, past is past
Drink it fast, we’re here at last
And it’s alright.