The Cosmos (Wasn’t Made in a Day)

Music: Bobby Shiflett | Lyrics: Jennifer Skates, Bobby Shiflett
Performed by: Jennifer Skates: Vox & Flute | Bobby Shiflett: Electric Guitar | Kenneth Shiflett: Drums | Andrew Reid: Bass | Derek Nolin: Keyboards |
Jeff Waites: Percussion

The rhesus monkey shakes his cage and sings
This is the dawn of the Aquarian age.
As the clouds billow by, stars twinkle in the sunset sky
But the television is your lullaby.

Satellites disrupt the view and scream from every longitude and latitude it seems
A billion colors, every hue unseen
We don’t receive their signals or give them their due
As the clouds billow by with a twinkle in their eyes
It’s the signals they’ve received of days gone by
Bye, bye.

You hope your cares are worlds away
But decadence is on display
But you may be okay, anyway
Because the cosmos wasn’t made in a day.
The solar breeze flies through earth, moon, sea and sky
It’s the tunnel vision that gets us ?
Bye, bye.