Music: Bobby Shiflett | Lyrics: Jennifer Skates
Performed by: Jennifer Skates: Vox | Bobby Shiflett: Classical Guitar |
Kenneth Shiflett: Drums | Andrew Reid: Bass

Like a velvet glove
This thing called love
So impatient of
The lavish wonder of her touch.

A sweet, calling dove
The push & shove
Sensation of
Shivers you all of the ?

A pure heart of knowing
She’s part of who you are
One glance and you’re glowing
Brighter than a brilliant star
With the music flowing
Walking on clouds through the fray
Take her close and just sway.

Sure as sky above
Sweet rhythm of
Passionate love
Delivers you from time and space

In the melting sun
Dissolve as one
Beating heart that craves
To blend as light beneath the waves

Your flesh and blood are burning
Inside and out your chest
With a lustful yearning
Two tinder lit lips express
How your heart is exploding
With the moon spilling on her face
Take her close and just sway